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The most common skin disorder in the US and nearly 80% of us will experience some form of ACNE in our lifetime.


Although no one knows exactly what causes ACNE, there are some “factors” that may contribute to its development....


STRESS- Triggers hormones that aggravate/cause acne.

HORMONES- Regardless if you are a teenager or an adult, hormones play a role with acne.


GENETICS- Roughly 50% of acne is do to genetics.


DRUGS-Just like the BCP may help ACNE, other drugs may contribute to it.


PRODUCTS- The wrong products for your skin (and some hair products) may block pores.


ACNE MECHANICA- Heat, friction, pressure and tight fitting or sweat-damp clothing are some examples.


WORK/PLAY- Your job (and/or your hobbies) may be causing your ACNE!




Multiple factors both internal and external (stress, hormones, lifestyle, environment) contribute to sensitive, red and inflamed breakouts. Reduce cell turnover slows done healing and prolongs pigmentation.



Surging androgen hormones during puberty increases sebum production leading to increased blackheads and whiteheads

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